Aurora Hyperglider

$ 10,00

Inspired in the old Art Deco Delahaye cars, this new electric vehicle will make heads turn when you cruise by silently.

Big is beautiful, or size matters, This car is huge! No reason for electric cars to look like a tv set on wheels, right?
Its high seats suggest enormous battery storage space. The exhausts are there for purely aestetical reasons…
Bryce version features lit instruments and headlamps that really work.A separate folder includes several car paints in classic colors,also a grungy one too.
Max version has modifiers active, so you can cut down on the amount of polygons if you need to.
Renders well in Poser, but you will have to tweak chrome and glass.

We invite you to send us images of your work with our models. We will post them on the web!
Te invitamos a que nos envíes imágenes de tus trabajos con nuestros modelos. Los publicaremos en la web!



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